The Process: How It Works

1. Learn about Lilipop Designs! First, view our portfolio! Decide if our designing style is a right fit for your style. Browse through our previous design work and think about what you would like to see in your own design. Please read our design terms. These terms contain important information that you need to know before placing an order for design. Also, don’t forget to check our waiting list! While we strive to work quickly and efficiently to deliver beautiful designs to each of our clients, there are periods of time when we have more work than we have hands, and there may be a short wait period before we can begin work on your design. If you need a design quickly, take a look at our Premade Blogger Template and Premade WordPress Themes.

2. Place an order. This is the exciting part! You get to tell us exactly how you want your blog to look! If you have no idea what you want your blog to look like, that’s ok, we can work with that too! It is very important that you complete the order form thoroughly, being as descriptive as possible. The design process will move much more quickly if we don’t have to spend time addressing information you didn’t mention in your order form, or trying to interpret your design requests. Please click here to place an order for a Custom Blogger Blog Design, or click here to place an order for a Custom WordPress blog Design.

3. We will discuss your design. After we receive your order form, we will email you and inform you an approximate wait time, if any, and the timeframe we expect your design will take to complete. We will send you an invoice for the services you have ordered, and we will discuss your design so that we can get a clear picture on what you are expecting in your design.

4. Draft of the design. Once we have received payment for your order and have a good idea of what you’re looking for, we will begin working immediately to create a draft of your design, unless there is a wait list, at which point you be added to the queue. You can check the current turn around times here. For blog designs, we create on a live test blog that you will have access to view once we’ve completed the first draft. This draft is not a representation of a final draft. You will have the opportunity to voice your opinion, and request any revisions.

5. Revisions! Once you have viewed the initial draft, you are free to make up to 4 small revisions. Additional revisions will be charged at the discretion of Lilipop Designs. Now that your design is revised to your liking…it’s off to step 6.

6. Installation. Here’s the best part! WE do it all for you! We will install the template code, your navigation bar, social networking icons, header, you name it, whatever you have ordered, installation is always included! You get to sit back and relax knowing you won’t have to read complicated installation instructions, or becoming frustrated without a clue how to install your design. After your design is installed, you have one week to contact us if you would like to make any other small adjustments to your design.

Ready to get started? Place a custom Blogger Blog Design order or a custom WordPress Blog Design order!